Full Service Interior Design

Why Full Service Interior Design? Lets dig into it!

We handle ALL the details, from paint and flooring to flowers and artwork, no stone is left unturned. You will be high priority with our diverse and talented team, while gaining access to our extensive vendor relationships. Additionally, we are able to provide competitive pricing through trade accounts, and create custom furniture pieces with your form and function preferences in mind. This is an in-depth design process where team CFD takes care of putting your space together, start to finish.

Here’s how it works:


First, you’ll fill out our fab questionnaire. This is where we get to know a little about you and what your dream space looks like. We get your thoughts on things like color, budget, and function. We love seeing what inspires you, so access to your Pinterest and Houzz boards are great!

Next, we’ll have a phone chat and set up a time to meet for a design consultation with Cat, preferably in your space. This is an ideal way for us to get a better sense of your overall aesthetic, how you envision using your finished space, and which aspects of your project are top priorities.

Finally, we will sit down, crunch the numbers, and write up a contract and scope of work for your project. If everything looks good on your end, its time to get designing!

Design & Renovation

Phase two is where the magic happens.

We begin with documenting your space. That includes the team together on-site, taking detailed measurements and photographs of each room involved in the project, as well as any existing items you would like to incorporate. We will then get busy drawing full plan sets (space and lighting), interior elevations, and a 3D model. We also provide an initial Design Inspiration, which is a curated mood board of inspiration images and key pieces.

If we are coming in during a reno, which we love, contractor specifications are what is next on the agenda. We’ll hunt down the best flooring, fixtures, and finishes to create the perfect palette for your space. We will liaison with your builder, to make sure all selections are within budget, and take you shopping to see everything in person.

Next up is a biggie, Furniture! We’ll source every piece needed to make your space feel cozy, collected, and complete. This includes everything from the modern bench-seat sectional, down to the funky object on your mantle. We will visit our favorite vendors and showrooms, keeping your personal aesthetic and budget in mind. A more detailed Design Vision follows, with an itemized mood board of all the fabulous things we’ve found for you!

After a few edits based on your feedback, its time for the fun part, lets shop! We’ll bring you to see your favorite pieces in person. You’ll get to view, sit, and feel to your hearts content!


We’ve met, we’ve designed, we’ve shopped, now its time to make your dream space a reality.

Post-purchase we will schedule an installation date with you and our vendors. The CFD team will be on site to pull the vision together. We love to make this process as turn key for you as possible. That means pillows fluffed, throws thrown, and flowers in vases.

What’s next? You get to relax and enjoy! So kick up your feet, grab a cold beverage, and brag to all your friends about your fab new space!

To get the process started, send us an email to hello@catfrenchdesign.com or reach us by phone at 919.537.8148.

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