2017 – The Year of Color

All the blogs are putting forth their 2017 interiors forecasts and you know what? We’re going to make our own design prediction here. After seeing a lot of gray and white spaces in recent years, we think 2017 is… wait for it… the year of color. Pantone has of course announced it’s 2017 color of the year, Greenery, and it’s a step away from the subtler hues of last year. We think this move towards a more daring palette is a great chance to consider new and intriguing color combinations. And we’d like to throw out some ideas.

Here are some color combinations from around the interwebs that we think you’ll love. Let’s get inspired.

Teal + Pink

If you’re already looking forward to Spring, this color duo might do the trick. Saturate your walls with a bold teal and flowery pinks for a nod to nature.

Interior Design Ideas - Teal and Pink InspirationBlue + Orange

Looking for some contrast? These hues are polar opposites but that’s exactly why they work so well together.

Interior Design Ideas - Blue and Orange Inspiration

Rose + Earth Tones

These analogous colors are like best friends on the color wheel. Putting them together in a room will make the entire space speak the same language.

Interior Design Ideas - Rose and Earth Tones Inspiration

Jade, Pistachio + Taupe

Reminiscent of cooling mint (and possibly ice cream), jades and pistachios work wonderfully with shades of gray to give a space a sense of airiness.

Jade Pistachio and Taupe Inspiration

Champagne, Blush + Green

Blush isn’t done quite yet. We still think there are inventive ways of working this color into a room, particularly by pairing it with deep green tones.

Interior Design Ideas - Champagne, Blush and Green Inspiration


AND ALAS, there it is. The famous (infamous?) Greenery – The way to do this one is to let it be bold and let it stand on its own. This color works great as a saturated sofa in an otherwise white space. And although it makes me think of this, believe it or not, Greenery works perfectly with shades of purple. Throw in a small ottoman or pillow for a jewel-toned punch.

Interior Design Ideas - Greenery and Fuchsia Inspiration


So, our predictions for 2017 are in. We think this is the year to dream a little bigger and refresh your space with artful combinations of color. Have your own colorful ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment about your favorite palettes for the home.


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