Dancing on the Ceiling – WITH COLOR

Ok, so, in recent posts we’ve talked about how we think 2017 is about to get colorful. And we’ve discussed the different ways to colorfully accent your walls. But I’m going to guess there’s an area of your home that you haven’t thought to enhance with color – because most of us don’t. That’s right.  I’m talking about your ceiling. I’m talking about Lionel Richie-ing your ceiling.

Why stick with boring white when you can infuse your space with something extra? The ceiling has such an influence on the way a room feels, which you know if you’ve ever lived in a house with dreadfully low ceilings. But height isn’t its only impact. Adding color to this area is a great way to further manipulate the feeling.

Here are some rooms that take advantage of this often underlooked area.

Painting a Ceiling to Look WonderfulHere, a lovely coral responds to the blush of the chair, warm wooden furniture and flooring, and the brighter tones in the striped ottoman. This nursery keeps it calm and collected – until you look up. Baby gets the best view.

Painting a Ceiling to Look Wonderful

An eclectic space with traditional furnishings gets a punch. By pulling one of the less represented colors from the large area rug – bright blue – the ceiling in this space is a touch of the unexpected. Painting a Ceiling to Look Wonderful

This golden, candy-coated dining room looks like a dream to eat and entertain in. It has the added effect of making me think of Mariah Carey’s Cribs episode – in a good way. Painting a Ceiling to Look Wonderful

Although the rest of this hallway is completely neutral, the green ceiling feels totally at home. It gives the space a sense of intimacy and luxury. Painting a Ceiling to Look Wonderful

Sometimes it’s about creating a peculiar detail – something that’s just a hair off. Here, the picture molding is used as the cut-off point for a color change. The light blue of the ceiling is a calming contrast against the beige walls and the space feels like it’s pulling off a creative choice in an understated way. Painting a Ceiling to Look Wonderful

Finally, it wouldn’t be a post about color if there wasn’t some dramatic black involved. The metallics and bold wallpaper of this dining room are perfectly complimented by an equally strong ceiling treatment. The look is made cohesive by the use of drapes in a similar tone and furniture with dark bases to ground the look.


IN CONCLUSION… don’t forget about the ceiling. Skip the boring white! Use the view above as a way to customize and complete the look of your space.  Maybe you need some pointers. We’re happy to help. Send us a note and let’s see how we can bring color into those unexpected areas of your home.


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