Girl the view from my front porch is starting to look like Grey Gardens

You know the house – every neighborhood has one. The one with dead grass, leaves left over from last fall, and a flickering porch light. Well that’s my house, Boo! I know you might be asking yourself how someone in the design field could live with a front yard that’s as much of a hot mess as Britney circa 2007, but hold your judgment back. I mean who wants to go rake leaves when there’s a Top Model marathon on tv? However, it is spring time and my neighbors are starting to power walk every morning, and you know they’re throwing shade about the state of my yard! So, if you’re in the same situation as me, here are a few ideas to shape up that front porch and avoid a nasty note in your mailbox.

Paint Colors - Sherwin Williams


Let’s start with paint colors for the front door. I’m living for these three by Sherwin Williams. No lie I just had mine done in Midnight, everyone in the neighborhood is totes jealous.

Door Knocker Ideas - Interior Design

Now let that paint dry, grab a snack and a pinot grigio and then install one of these fab door knockers. I prefer to place my knockers in one of three categories- whimsical, modern, or terrifying.

Welcome Mat Ideas

I love a cute front door mat, and all of these are on All Modern for like $30! PLUS they are designed by the Novogratz, one of my faaaaaaavorite design teams.

Front Porch Planter Ideas

Then layer in a pot or two. What I love about these three are that they are large and can stand on their own without adding in a plant. Cause who wants to deal with that mess?

Address Number Inspirations

We are almost done with this front porch makeover! Screw in some fun house numbers and call it a day girl!

Front Patio Inspiration Combinations Front Porch Inspiration Ideas

Check out some of my fave combos!

Your front porch is gonna look so good, the only shade you’ll catch this spring will be from the beautifully manicured trees in your perfect front yard.



PS here’s where your ass can buy this stuff!


1. Whimsical

2. Modern

3. Terrifying


1. Adorable

2. Damn Right

3. Gay


1. Geometric

2. Colorful

3. Texture

House Numbers:

1. Curly

2. Copper Plates

3. Contemporary

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