Geraldine, you look good girl!

Can we talk about Geraldine, our new office mascot!? Queen Bee and I were sourcing at At Home, our new fave spot for ridiculously cheap accessories, when I spotted this beauty and it was love at first sight. I live for introducing something fun, quirky, and unexpected into each design and Geraldine is just the ticket.

Did I mention we have a side hustle? Its staging and I’ve forced Geraldine to come along on a few of those projects. Girlfriend has been to Winston and back a few times and is still in one piece- mostly. There was an unfortunate incident when I knocked a chunk out of her ear while loading her in the back of Bae’s Subaru. Not to worry, I colored that ish with a brown Sharpie and Queen Bee is none the wiser. Where will Geraldine travel to next? Stay tuned!



PS. Want to get a Geraldine of your own? Girl you know you do! You can buy her here!

Geraldine Statue