Can we talk my fab paint consultation w/Queen Bee!?

Recently Queen Bee was in my neck of the woods meeting with a client. Luckily this meeting finished early so I invited her over to share a few bottles of wine with me. I mentioned that I was DYING to repaint our living room and entryway and bish gave me an on the spot paint consultation!

Now, Girlfriend knows me inside and out so choosing colors was a breeze, but trust me y’all she is really, really good at this. I told her I was thinking blues and grays, and she was all “D, are you really that basic?” She really elevated the color palette by selecting a dark navy, vibrant teal, and calming purple.

Interior Painting Services In Apex North Carolina points out that all of the paints were from the Emerald line by Sherwin Williams in a matte finish. I began by painting the entryway Amalfi above the chair rail and Endless Sea below. FYI have you used an edging tool yet? It changed my life. The edges on these walls are the only straight thing in our home!

For the living room I did Grape Mist, and it was a-mah-zing! I seriously recommend upgrading to the Emerald line, I only had to to do one coat!!

I can not tell you how much I loved the paint consultation with Queen Bee! My living room and entryway now look like a gay jewel box!!! Need her in your house? You can sign up for a paint consultation right here!