I get asked a lot about how I got started as an interior designer, how I found Danny, and who are some of my big design inspirations. So I thought I might share how C met D. It involves a fire and everyone’s favorite potter, Mr. Jonathan Adler. Welcome to Catspiration Friday.

Once upon a time, in a land called Winston-Salem, a young Danny Ekstrand was moving into my neighborhood. With his future husband. From Houston, Texas. And my sweet husband volunteered us to help them move in. As Danny likes to tell it, I came running out of his house with one of the boxes on fire. I put that fire out (because let’s be real, I’m resourceful), and only broke one bowl in the process. From that day on, D and I formed a fast friendship based on our mutual love of everything JA. We would meet at the mall, obsess overĀ his JCPenny line, and drinkĀ Starbucks on Danny’s work breaks, while planning the next small party or interior redesign.

Wondering where we get our love of vibrant color mixed with funky objects? It all started with a kitchen fire…

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