Setting the Stage – Artist Retreat, part 2

Let’s talk first impressions. A big part of our work here at Catherine French Design is bringing both balance and that “wow” factor into a space. This can happen in many different ways, but one of my favorite personal design challenges for each new client we take on is to set the stage and hint at those design elements right at the beginning. With this particular couple, bringing the color punch from the living room onto the front door signals from the street that the interiors of this residence are far from ordinary. Add the client’s “entree des artistes” sign, and you’ve set the stage for the entire home – elevated, artistic, with a hint of the unexpected.

Home First Impression - Front Door

From the street, this lovely white, sedate historic home now has a bold color statement. Balance is created with more black and white accents; styled here with a welcome mat, two different planters, and a surprise appearance by Geraldine. The house still plays well with others, but like our clients, speaks of artistic exploration.

Home First Impression - Entryway and Powder Bath

Great interior design is an experience, not a photograph. Ultimately the goal is to experience your home not as a static image with only one view, but as a cohesive environment that pulls you from room to room. In this home, we visually connected the different spaces through color, texture, and interesting art. Upon opening the door, the view point at the end of the hall is of Osborne and Little’s Derwent wallpaper in the same fun color. The juxtaposition of calming grays in the foreground with the whimsical powder bath in the background creates balance in the space, and allows the entryway to be the breath and transition between the two more visually rich rooms.

Home First Impression - Room Transitions

A sculptural wooden pendant and an asymmetrical gallery wall add visual interest to a more traditional entryway. Gorgeous, colorful oriental rugs continue the blue and orange color palette from the front door, living room, and dining room. Combined, these elements create a lasting first impression.

Home First Impression - Bold Color Room Transitions

Next up? Wall colors and a chandelier to die for. Stay tuned for part 3 of this Artist Retreat.

All images were styled by the Team at Catherine French Design, LLC. All photographs were taken by J. Sinclair Photography

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