FYI- New Bern, NC. is the most adorable place on Earth

Girl, have you been to New Bern? Probably not and you have a hole in your soul because of it. This town is the the Stars Hollow of North Carolina, and if you don’t get that reference stop reading this immediately, go to Netflix, and binge watch all 7 seasons plus the 4 part reboot of Gilmore Girls because you have missed out on the greatest television show ever in existence.

Gilmore Girls

Back to New Bern, Queen Bee and I very recently made the short car trip out east to meet with a new client. Not only was said client the most charming person in eastern North Carolina, but New Bern was more delightful than a bottomless mimosa brunch! Cute shops, friendly people, and beautiful historic homes, need I say more?

New Bern Downtown

Seriously y’all, this place is like eastern NC’s Asheville. Do yourself a favor and get there before Urban Outfitters does. (Sorry for the shade Urban, but you know how you do!)



PS. Wanna go to New Bern? Girl stop playing, you know you do! Plan your trip here:

Visit New Bern

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