Summer Hues: PART ONE

I’m gonna tell you a little about our mood today. It’s called Summertime.

The days are longer and slower and it feels like you can swim through the humid air. Bright mornings melt into ombré sunsets filled with brilliant, saturated colors. Ice cream abounds.

We’re just really feeling this Summer situation.

Since there’s nothing like taking inspiration directly from nature, we thought it would be fun to explore color palettes based on the best of what Summer has to offer.

The first in this color series? Beach-inspired hues.


Calling all ocean lovers. Caribbean teals, rich greenery, and sandy neutrals will get you in a coastal vibe.

Summer Coastal Inspired Color Palete

Float away to paradise with hazy greens and yellows. Working with these tones will give your space a ton of zen.

Summer Flower Inspired Color Palette

And of course, remember to soak up the sun. Use the bright pop of sunflowers as inspiration for an accent color in your home with a foundation of cooler colors underneath.

Feeling the Summer mood too? Tell us in the comments what your favorite color combinations are for the season!

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