Trend Alert: ACRYLIC

Oh hey. Here’s an interior element you might not have seen coming.  Sure, blending modern and traditional styles has been happening for some time now, but with a recent uptick we’ve noticed something in particular. People are polishing off their spaces with… ACRYLIC ACCENTS.

Here’s what we’re seeing.

…or NOT seeing? 


Acrylic Bar Stools (AKA Ghost Chairs) – Ever felt like you needed to sit down but you didn’t want it to look like you were sitting on something, necessarily? I’ve felt this way many times, and luckily, we have acrylic bar stools to help with that.


Acrylic Consoles/Sofa Tables – You know what, sofa table? Maybe I want to see the back of my couch. Did you ever think of that?


Acrylic Side Tables – As per usual, Jonathan Adler knows what’s going on. If a side table doesn’t appear as if it’s floating in mid air, I am not a happy camper.

Acrylic Home Office Supplies – I’m tired of searching for that one pencil. I’m tired of not knowing where my latest Interior Design magazine is located. I’m just tired.


Acrylic Bar Carts – Following the trend of advertising our alcohol out in the open, it seems like people are really feeling an acrylic bar cart lately. There’s an honesty to this in your home, really. It says, “This is what I drink and this is where it happens.”

ACRYLIC ACCENTS - Kitchen Island

Acrylic Kitchen Islands – Sight lines to what the kids are up to has always been important, but this takes it to the next level. When you’re prepping for dinner, you need to see exactly what’s going on and this acrylic kitchen island is going to help you.

So, does it feel like your home is missing something? Maybe it just needs something that looks like it’s missing! Acrylic furnishings and accent pieces are a great way to do this. BE TRANSPARENT.


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