How to: Boho Style

We all love gorgeously curated rooms found in magazines, but the reality is that it’s often not really what we want. When it comes to creating our homes, we want them to feel like us. I got to thinking about Bohemian spaces recently and how wonderfully relaxed and lived-in they are. I wouldn’t want my entire house to feel like it, but there are some intriguing takeaways from the approach, and bringing in Boho style elements even in subtle ways can have a great impact.  Let’s take a look.

bohemian rugs

1. Layered rugs – Google “Bohemian interior decor” and you’ll most definitely see a lot of rug layering going on. It’s the go-to for Bohemian interiors and it has this great way of adding texture to a space. It’s also an opportunity to introduce multiple patterns or play around with lots of color. But even in this neutral example above, it has a strong impact. It erodes convention right when you walk in the room. A rug on top of a rug?!! What!!?? By blurring the lines on the floor in this way – especially when the top layer is, for example, a hide rug or some other abnormal shape – you get the impression that this is a space that follows its own rules.

bohemian Designer Crystal Candle

2. Earthy accents – It wouldn’t be a Bohemian interior if it didn’t include some earthy and well-traveled accents, right? Crystals, dried stems, feathers – just a few of the typical. But the choice is really yours, just as long as you’ve got a personalized mix of items that mean something to you and convey a sense of having been places. Go through that old box of things from places you’ve traveled and actually put the objects on display! People love to see little tokens of experiences you’ve had – when you entertain, these are the conversation starters that deepen relationships with your guests and create a home that they’ll fall in love with.

Bohemian Designer Bedroom

3. Low-level lounging – Another unconventional take-away from Boho Style inspired designs? Casual, low-level seating and lounging. In a bedroom, it’s a statement that says, “I don’t require a bed frame. I’m unfussy and cool.” In a living room, situated around a shared table, the look says, “Take your shoes off and be yourself. You are welcome here.”

Bohemian Bathroom

4. Fabrics – Rugs, pillow covers, throw blankets, wall tapestries, curtains. The Bohemian look often plays around with undulating and colorful patterns, but it can be done in subtle ways. This otherwise straightforward bathroom is taken in a different direction with the simple inclusion of a patterned shower curtain, casually draped over the side of a claw foot tub.

Bohemian Bathroom Tile

5. Finishes – If you’re looking to make a more permanent mark, consider going big and overhauling a space you love. This bathroom gets a wonderfully dizzied look with a richly patterned tile that wraps from floor to wall. Tasseled towels and artfully hung frames finish off the look.

Sure, you could go all out and be that person whose house feels like an intoxicating, layered, enchanted daydream. But do you need to? It doesn’t really take much to get a Boho Style vibe going in your home. Simple flourishes of that free-spirited inner gypsy is all you really need to create a space that pulls from many inspirations and authentically represents the people who live there.


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