We Just Can’t Quit You, Millennial Pink

Blush. Rose Quartz. Millennial Pink. Tumblr Pink. Scandi Pink. Call it what you may – what we can all agree on is that this color will Not. Go. Away.

Despite murmurs that we may have hit peak pink, it looks like this delightful, lighthearted yet edgy hue continues to demand our attention. In recent years, we’ve seen it show up in fashion, branding materials, and musical artists’ album covers (hello BeyoncĂ© and Drake).

We’ve especially seen it in our world of interiors. And let’s be honest – we don’t know how to quit.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas - Pink

Pink Kitchens – I mean, why not paint all of your kitchen cabinets in happiness? With circle hole drawer pulls, green diamond tile flooring, and even a pretty chandelier, this is the Barbie kitchen of all of our dreams.

Wallpaper and Wainscoting Ideas - Pink

Pink Flamingo Wallpaper Bathroom – I mean, if you’re gonna go pink, go all in. Pink flamingos it is. This bathroom highlights its wainscoting with the color and then punches it up with a blue and pink wallpaper. I would bathe here.

Tufted Headboard - Pink

Pink Bedroom – Look at how grown up this pink bedroom is. This lady has decided that she works very hard in her professional life and deserves a princess bed. And I don’t disagree. A tall, luxurious upholstered headboard is elevated even more by gold framing and elegant sconces.

Flooring Ideas - Pink

Put the Pink on the Floor – People have just lost it. We’re doing our floors in blush now. Come on. Okay, I love it. Something about the textural quality of concrete – along with furnishings that have a sculptural feel – gives this pink space a surprising seriousness.

As you all know, these are just a few examples of the absolute madness that has descended upon us in our current time. One day, we’re all going to look back on our skinny jeans, undercut hairstyles, Apple products, 0mbrĂ© everything, and yes, our addiction to pink and say… “I don’t regret a single. Second.” We just can’t quit you, Millennial Pink.


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