Autumn is the Prettiest Color

Well, here we are again. Look up and before you know it, the humidity has left. The days of feeling like you could almost swim through the Summer air are a distant memory. Things are starting to get all bristly.

Each season brings with it an opportunity for inspiration, and there’s really nothing more beautiful than watching the color palette slowly shift around us. Autumn, in my opinion, has always been the prettiest color.

Because we love thinking of new ways to evoke seasonal motifs in the home, we’ve put together a few color combinations that bring out the best of this season’s tones.

Autumn Color Palette - Yellow and Green

Yellows and Greens – Think Autumn, and aside from cider, state fairs, and all things pumpkin, you usually have orange in mind. But take a closer look at what nature offers and you’ll find a mix of fun, saturated golds and deep, rich greens.

Purples - Autumn Color Palette

Purples – Neutrals abound during Fall, but you may not have considered shifting it a bit to introduce purple. Fall foliage often shows off an enchanting mix of deep, eggplant hues with pops of marigold. Think of creating a meditative space by playing in purples.

Blue and Orange - Autumn Color PaletteOranges and Blues – Alas, we have to talk about orange, don’t we? Take a long, Autumn walk this season and look up. Light passing through rust-toned leaves. A cool, wispy, blue sky. These complementary tones vibrate off of one another and create contrast.

So, how do you update a space to match the season? Simple. You can quickly introduce these themes with accent pieces. Think: pillows, throws, artwork. If you’re feeling really inspired, paint a wall! Why not?

Interested in a color consult? It’s one of our favorite things. Shoot us an email at and let’s see how we can color your space.


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