BRB, Going to My Happy Place – Bold Colors

Look, y’all. Let’s get real. We’re having what you might refer to as a case of the Wednesdays. It’s the mid-week, hump day lull and we need a lift. We thought you might need one too. So, you know what? Tell your co-workers BRB. Because I’m going to take you on a trip to the land of bold colors. I’m taking you to My Happy Place.

Bold Designs

Blue, Gold, Violet and Gold - Bold Room Decor

My Happy Place consists of bright punches of bold colors. It plays in pattern and texture and makes sure to include golden banana sculptures.

Fuchsia Animal Prints and Bold Choices

My Happy Place is a fuchsia animal freedom dance across a modern safari.

Bright Large Scale Artwork with Small Art Walls

Sometimes My Happy Place only needs a patterned chair, a shovel, and acrylic artwork.

Using Yellow, Gold, and Blue in Bold Designs

Other times My Happy Place says to me, “Yellow curtains – yes.” “Whimsical forms – yes, you may have them.” It says to me, “Sit down. How was your day? I love you.”

Is it 5 o’clock yet? Oh, it’s still only 2:30? That’s alright. Now you know where my Happy Place is. And you can visit anytime.

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