TDN Team Holiday Competition: Casa de Courtenay

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to ‘ Casa de Courtenay ‘. Sorry, there’s no Spanish design influence here, except the fact that I enjoy a good fiesta and gatherings with friends and family. #squadgoals

I’ve moved a number of times throughout the years and have always enjoyed a lofty/open plan lifestyle …because I can see all my cool stuff! I’m a huge fan of buying what you love and making it cohesive through materials and accessories. I believe my friends describe this as: ‘Eclectic’.

For our Team CFD design competition, I’ve decided to show my dream Living Room & Entry spaces. I like to make grand gestures in my space with scale, like this dreamy teal Chandelier and oversize Entry Console with plenty of storage! You’ll notice only one vase in this dream design, but just imagine about five more to be my true reality. Rock on #vasehoarders!

Casa de Courtenay's Eclectic Loft Moodboard

Various sculptural shapes of furniture and patterns like this leather lounger and throw pillows develop my cozy, curated space, (for, you know, all those wild parties I’ll be throwing in 2018). A large, streamline sofa allows plenty of seating while also allowing the introvert in me to curl up for a good read. Design magazines, anyone? I hope you’ve enjoyed my Design Network online party. I can’t wait to see which of our designs are your favorite!

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