TDN Team Holiday Competition: Jamie’s Version

We love many things here at Catherine French Design; shopping, designing, looking at what other designers are doing, dreaming up design boards for nonexistent spaces… you get the idea. So in the spirit of Christmas, we have challenged ourselves to a TDN Team Holiday Competition. The competition involves each team member going to The Design Network (one of our favorite sourcing places on the interwebs) and building a board of our favorite items that we would ask Santa to bring to us.  And since I have recently moved, I thought designing a look for my new place would be ideal.  I chose a contemporary theme with aesthetic nods to geometric patterns, symmetry, and natural materials. There will be a survey at the end of next week to see who wins. Cat has promised the winner a shopping spree up to $15 at the Cafeteria (aka the BP downstairs). So here we go. #GauntletThrown

Living Room

For the Living Room, I wanted to set the tone with a vibrant color and geometric shapes. I went with a Neuvo Navy Fabric Sofa that would be accompanied by a Neuvo Grey Club Chair with Colorful Throw Pillows. I would place a Gold Legged Side Table between them for my beer with a Lime Green Accent Lamp on top.  To give my feet a place to rest while lounging, I selected a Geometric Coffee Table topped with a Gold Accessory because I am told we have to accessorize (did I mention I am the non-artist in the art office?).  I love an arc lamp so I would place this one from Neuvo to reach over a Contemporary Console by Noir  placed behind the sofa with a few Colorful Bound Books and Gold Nugget Bookends.  On the wall I’d like to add some funky Blue Loopy Art and Ameba Inspired Art work on the walls to finish out the space.


Dining Room

Moving to the Dining Room, I focused on tying this space to the Living Room with color and similar shapes.  So, I used a Navy Graduation Chandelier with gold accents to carry over some of the design elements from the Living Room.  The Chandelier centered over a Neuvo Contemporary Dining Table with 2 Sleek Host Chairs and 4 Stylish Side Chairs.  I topped  the table with 2 White Marble Candlestick Holders. Then the space would be completed by using Uttermost Bright Wall Art and a Geometric Metal Wine Rack. If Santa follows through, y’all are all welcome for dinner.

Home Office

No home is complete without a Home Office.  I have always tried to be as paper-free as possible, and because paper-free means less storage needs, I can get away with using a Low Profile Desk. I’m really loving this Navy Leather Office Chair for hours of relaxed computer time.  I’d top the desk with a Gold Desk Lamp and a place Symmetrical Art on the walls. To make my Funky Bookshelf come to life, I added a little bit of color by using Vintage Comic Book Wrapped Books, which I and my two boys will love. All of these items allow me to achieve my desired clutter-free environment.

Boys’ Bedroom

I have 2 boys that have been (surprisingly) asking a ton of design questions lately. The items below are all things they told me they would love to have in their room. They love a Fun Desk with a Retro Chair for homework time.  And, perhaps even more surprisingly, are both obsessed with skulls. I’m hoping this new obsession is from too much science at school, but perhaps that’s just me in denial about video games. Only time will tell. So, I thought a Bronze Cow Head and a few Skeleton Wrapped Books with Skull Bookends would work great. They both love maps, and the older the better, so an awesome Historical Map Print on the wall next to their Locker Inspired Armoire would do just the trick. Then you can’t have a bedroom without a bed so a Funky Bunk Bed would work just right.

Master Bedroom

Now for my favorite room, the Master Bedroom, I choose a shin breaking Panel Bed just to remind me that shin have feelings, too. I would flank the bed with 2 Metal Legged Nightstands topped with a cool Gold Lamp.  Then I’m told you have to have a mirror in a bedroom, so I selected a Trapezoidal Mirror to place above a Large Low Storage Cabinet. Finally, to finish the bedroom off, I placed some Art Work on the walls to add some needed color to the room.

So, what do you think? Have I won yet? Surely you don’t need to see Courtenay or Sarah’s boards (#designers). Stay tuned for more this coming week. And if you see anything you like from any of our design challenge pages, click the links to the items and you can purchase them directly from The Design Network. Happy shopping!


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