TDN Team Holiday Competition: Sarah’s Diva Den

And we’re back with our TDN Team Holiday Competition, and this time it’s all about a creating a lovely, feminine space for myself. Everyone around here at CFD knows I love the color pink. Pretty sure this is making up for the lack femininity in my household. I am surrounded by sports playing, dirt tracking, smelly boys. 4 to be exact. One day when the bonus room is not invaded by Legos, Xbox, and the pool table, my plan is to have a peaceful “ Diva Den ” (even though there is nothing Diva about me). But one can dream, am I right?

Cat French Design Moodboard challenge

I long for a special spot for me and my girlfriends to gather with a soft fuzzy rug under our feet and fluffy pillows to snuggle up with while we drink wine and chat. The distressed leather tufted sofa in a dark grey is a great base to build from. Because let’s face it, even though the room is “just for me”, the dog (who is the only other girl) loves to snuggle too and we don’t want to worry about scratches. She will feel like the room is hers anyway with the pink poodle lamp that I just LOVE. The iron cocktail table has a nice round shape that anchors the room. Topped by a silver sphere, this is the perfect spot to kick up our feet and relax. The color pallet with accents of different textures warms the space with out an over load of pink. Just a hint is all I need!

Booze Time

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