Stunning Winter Color Combinations

Beautiful colors surround us through all seasons of the year, and often it’s Spring and Fall that are often showcased for the most stunning hues. But I have found that Winter can offer the most intriguing combinations – sometimes from the most unexpected sources. Here are a few stunning Winter color combinations to inspire you, along with a little furniture and accessory vignette to show you how you can apply it to your home. See something you love? Give us a shout at and we’ll help you source these items.


Winter Color Combination: Snowy Teals and Icy Greys


Interior Design Winter Color Combinations: Teals and Greys

Varying shades of teal and grey work beautifully together to in these winter color combinations. These “cool” colors set the tone for a fresh new look. Not sure what a cool or warm color is? A cool grey will have more white in it and a warm grey will have more brown. If you like any of these colors check out these samples over at Sherwin Williams: (left to right) SW 6525 Rarified AirSW 6247 KryptonSW 6787 Fountain, SW 6783 Amalfi, and SW 6257 Gibraltar.

Teal and Grey Furniture InspirationWhen taking this palette into the home, consider a vibrant and luxurious upholstered chair and a piece of artwork that brings your various colors together. A cool grey rug helps to ground the space, while fun geometric forms in the lamp and ottoman add contrast and interest.


Frosted Berries and Chocolatey Browns


Interior Design Winter Color Combinations: Frosted Berries and Browns

I love browns and berry’s together. Brown is not often thought of as an accent color (usually more of a neutral base) when selecting your palette, however this leather sofa sets the tone for this color scheme. When choosing your accent colors, make sure you have the larger pieces nailed down first. These will be your “neutrals”, and remember, not all neutrals are white! The pops of berry are just enough to brighten it up and give it personality. Here are the Sherwin Williams paint colors, from left to right, SW 6270 Soulmate, SW 9002 Carley’s Rose, SW 6841 Dynamo, SW 6842 Forward Fuchsia, and SW 6076 Turkish Coffee.

Berry and Chocolate Furniture Inspiration

Playing with various pattern scales and visual textures add depth and dimension to color. Think of items that help bridge the your different color ranges to make the room feel cohesive. In this case the rug pulls the room together for a polished look.


 Ultra Violet, Creamsicle Orange, and Glacial Blue


Interior Design Winter Color Combinations: Winter Sunrise Purples, Icy Blues, and Orange

I like to call these sunset colors! With the 2018 Pantone color of the year being Ultra Violet (aka Purple), we had to sneak in a splash of the hue to show you how user friendly it is – and just a hint can go a long way. The champagne finish on the coffee table lends to the orange spectrum, and a dark charcoal sofa grounds the space. Here is a project CFD completed that was referenced by The Design Network using some of the hues in this palette. Here are the Sherwin Williams paint colors, from left to right, SW 7663 Monorail Silver, SW 6023 Insightful Rose, SW 6633 Inventive Orange, SW 6544 Mesmerize, and SW 6265 Quixotic Plum.


Winter Sunrise Furniture Inspiration

If you want a space to feel light and airy overall, but want to move away from an all-white room, consider peaches and rose hues. Having your large sofa a dark color will help ground the space and provide a focal point in a room that is otherwise pale and neutral.

Still not convinced Winter is your favorite color inspiration month? CFD has several seasonal color combinations ideas and inspirational blog posts if you want to read more.  We would love to have you check them out: 2017 the Year in Color, Autumn is the Prettiest Color, Mood: Spring Color, Summer Hues Part 1, and Summer Hues Part 2. And be sure to let us know what your favorites are!

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Teal Lake, Berries, and Winter Sunrise

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