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With the holiday season coming right ‘round the mountain when it comes, (did 2018 not just fly by, y’all?!), I’m sure you’re gearing up for cozy snuggles, cold weather, and charming family get-togethers that always get ruined by your one crazy uncle. From Thanksgiving gatherings to Dirty Santa Christmas parties, your loved ones will need a place to crash after guzzling too much moscato [yes, I’m the girl that brings the same $7.99 bottle to every family function, and yes, I do have a headache now but it was totally worth it]. Why not give them a lovely guest room to rest their hangover-ridden heads? Below are a few guest rooms that caught my eye, and that I personally wouldn’t mind secretly vomiting up eggnog in at 3:00am after everyone else has gone to bed.

Tropical Terrain

Tropical Guest Room - Catherine French Design

Winter isn’t coming, Jon Snow, she’s already here and she’s COLD! Fight off freezing temperatures by bringing the tropics to your home. The green botanical accent wall shows one way to do this by introducing color and setting the tropical tone of the room. I read recently about the meanings of different colors and how useful they are when designing a room. For example, green is a great color to use to bring the outside indoors because it represents nature, ecology, and tranquility. Green also creates a feeling of refreshment so your guests can feel relaxed and rested. Touches of natural materials like the cotton rug and wicker window blind add warmth and texture, while an animal print accessory [think: cheetahs, leopards, zebras, oh my] like the leopard throw pillow here turns up the heat and takes this tropical guest room on a safari adventure. Your guests will feel like they’re lounging somewhere near the Equator in no time.

Mar’s tip: A cushioned bench at the foot of the bed where your guests can sit to undo the top button on their pants after a hearty meal allows for extra seating and comfort.


Coastal Cottage

Coastal Inspired Guest Room - Catherine French Design

Ah, the beach. Everyone loves the beach [minus the painful sunburn and the sand in places you didn’t even know existed]. If you want your guests to feel the vacation vibes without so much of the jungle fever, opt for a softer, cozier guest room inspired by the seaside and its lovely hues of blue. Coastal accessories like the coral lamp on the wooden nightstand and the framed coral wall art pieces help create a beachy atmosphere. An additional seat in a clear material like the acrylic armchair next to the dresser adds extra seating without darkening or cramping the room. Don’t forget extra fluffy bedding and a soft and cozy throw blanket to allow your guests to nurse their hangovers peacefully.

Mar’s tip: Place a tray on the bed in your guest room with tea, napkins, and a snack or two to make your loved ones feel right at home.


Dramatic Den

Dramatic Guest Room - Catherine French Design

Hopefully there won’t be any drama at your dinner table this year [you’d be surprised at how passionate the debate can get over “stuffing” vs. “dressing”], but if there is, fret not, as at least it will match the theme of your guest room! Dark walls and a dark ceiling definitely bring the drama. Black, for example, is a dark, but powerful color, that evokes a sense of formality and elegance, and is a great background color to show off photography and paintings. Check out other meanings for black and an array of other colors here. A curated gallery wall with vintage portraits like the one above and a gold, beaded chandelier add art and a touch of ~British accent~ theatre to the room. Keep your guest room warm and welcoming by adding fuzzy furs and fun-colored throw pillows, and your guests will feel like they just walked into a Smithsonian museum instead of a drab mausoleum.

Mar’s tip: Put a few flowers and other greenery on the dresser or nightstand to balance the drama, purify the air, and add fresh, pleasant scents to the entire room.


Eclectic Estate

Eclectic Guest Room - Catherine French Design

For those who want the ~drama~ without feeling like Shakespeare’s ghost is gonna pop out of the closet at any second, bright colors and fun patterns liven up a room without going overboard. Mixing stripes, chevron, dotted, and solid throw pillows make for an eclectic but comfortable arrangement. Gold finished sconces keep the space refined, while a Moroccan pouf serves as an extra side table or seat. Your guests will feel like they just took a stroll through a small market bazaar without having to fly the 18 hours to get there.

Mar’s tip: A day bed is the perfect multifunctional furniture piece for your guest room. A couch by day that allows conversation, reading, or watching TV, and a bed by night for rest and relaxation ensures your guests can make the most of their stay, their way.

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