Color Crush: Black

If you’re anything like me, you decided to sit out last week on the fight-to-the-death, battle royale, hot, steamy mess that is the experience of going out and shopping on Black Friday. Seriously, you’re liable to lose a limb if you get stuck between all the hustle and bustle of the hordes of shoppers hoppin’ and boppin’ all over to find the best deals. Some people even wake up at 5am just to be at the doors when they open at 6! I wouldn’t get up that early if The Lord himself parted the skies, hovered down on a cloud carried by two little cherubs, and asked me personally to wake up.

Shopping on Black Friday can be scary, but what can be even scarier is trying to figure out a way to use the color black in your home. Oftentimes, we fear black will make a room smaller, or turn the atmosphere too dark or moody, but there’s a way to do it without feeling like you’re in a dungeon. It’s all about moderation, and below are a few examples to show you what I mean. Have no fear. It can be done.

Black Exterior Door

A black front door is modern, sleek, and makes a bold statement. That statement being: We’re the Johnsons, and we’re frickin’ cool. The black wicker chair and patterned rug matches the door and makes for a cohesive front porch.

Mar’s tip: Add gold accent tables and door hardware to keep the look fresh and stylish.

Black Interior Door

Color Crush: Black - Interior Door

Don’t be afraid to paint the interior of your front door black either. Here, the large window panes and white shiplap keep the space bright and full of natural light, perfect for an open and airy entryway, even with a large black double door.

Mar’s tip: Lay down a colorful runner like the woven teal one above to add color and warmth to such a starkly contrasted room and keep the area from feeling sterile.

Black Fireplace

A black fireplace in the living room or front room anchors the space and adds visual interest. It allows for versatility in terms of styling a mantle, or the surrounding space, and serves as a great background for a mounted television.

Mar’s tip: Keep the room modern, yet young, by layering multicolored kilim rugs which bring playful boho vibes to the space.

Black Cabinets

Color Crush: Black - Cabinets

If you’re looking to add excitement in the form of black to your kitchen, try painted cabinets. In the smaller kitchen shown above, white walls and open shelves keep the top half of the kitchen bright and open, allowing the black cabinets below to take the spotlight and add drama. Mixing perfectly with the dark granite countertops, this kitchen space is stylish but still functional.

Mar’s tip: If you decide to take on the brave feat that is open shelving, keep your collection simple and organized to avoid clutter and dust.

Black Ceiling

This dining room turns up the volume with a black ceiling and wall, making the room appear larger and wider. Matching black accessories like the side chairs, pendant cords, and tapered candle holders unifies the color throughout the room. And wainscoting on the bottom portion of the wall helps balance out the heaviness of the upper wall and ceiling above.

Mar’s tip: Hang a piece of artwork that shows a relaxing atmosphere such as the beach scene above, but in black-and-white to keep the room sophisticated, yet comfortable.

Black Walls

Color Crush: Black - Walls

The bedroom is a perfect place to have black walls. Romantic when wanting to set the mood, yet dark and dreamy for the nights you’d rather sleep instead of canoodle, black walls are functional in many ways. The yellow headboard and patterned throw pillows above add bright pops of color and texture that keep the space from being too dark and overwhelming. White or beige bedding also help to lighten the room.

Mar’s tip: Place mirrors in any room to reflect natural light and keep the space bright and airy.

Black Floor

Color Crush: Black - Flooring

A black floor in your bathroom … [ mention black trim on shower glass and mirror somewhere, as well as subway tile somewhere in here ]

Mar’s tip: Put a plant of any kind in your bathroom to liven the space with a natural element, and add a spa oasis, relaxed atmosphere to the room.

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