Fun Entryway {Idea}

Let’s talk about your entryway. If you’re lucky, you’ve got more than just a door into your living space. Most of the time, if you do have a dedicated entryway room, it is a small, jam-packed space that has to work hard and also look cute. Because let’s be real here, first impressions are tough! You want your neighbor to say “oh hey, they seem awesome!” when they get that sneak peek into your personal oasis.

But what makes your entryway really work hard? The right tools for the job. Think about what you need there. At best, here are the basics: a place to sit when putting on shoes, storage for all that winter paraphernalia, a mirror to double check your reflection in, a rug to catch the outside dirt, and last but not least, some sort of something inspirational to catch your eye on your way out the door. It’s time to make that entryway look amazing and make those drop-in-guests want to see what else you have done to your home.

We’ve put together a look we think might inspire you to make an update. The watercolor above shows how all of these different items complement each other. Our vote is for a tufted leather bench that is both a great place to sit with space for baskets below, an impressive floor mirror so that you can see your full look at once, some updated artwork, and a graphic nautical-themed rug to add some interest. Add in a statement entryway light and you’ve got yourself a hard-working entryway masterpiece.

Want to know the best news? We’ve already done the sourcing for you, and you can buy any and all of those pieces here: Floor Mirror, Leather Bench, Nautical Rug, Woven Basket, Golden Wallpaper, or Contemporary Artwork. Our only request is that you send us pics of your new pieces in your own entryway space! Happy shopping, y’all!

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