New Space, Same Foundation

We’ve been in Southern Village for almost six months! We are enjoying the new neighborhood and increased visibility that comes with our new space. During this transition, we have also been reflecting and defining what grounds us and makes us who we are.  We narrowed down all of the catchy adjectives and descriptors to 3 words: Kindness, Integrity, & Creativity.

Enjoying some client time - Catherine French Design


Kindness is our founding principal. We think of kindness as a quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It is showing concern, care, and the act of assistance and service. Kindness is about how we interact with each other within the team, and how we interact with those outside our studio. When we make a request of another person, or ask for help, we will do so in a way that is kind. As a client, you are an extension of our team. While we are collaborating on your project, we will strive to make you feel honored and cared for while you are with us on this journey.

High-fiving at CFD


Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided. It means doing what you said you would do, and doing the right thing in a reliable way. For us, many of the other characteristics we often use to describe our team fall into this larger umbrella of integrity, and those are: dependability, community, teamwork, and collaboration. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and we believe it is our integrity that is the key ingredient to an amazing team.

Pinup Wall in our new studio - Catherine French Design


Creativity is the phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. It is the ability to transcend the ordinary. Creativity is the critical thinking skill that allows us to think outside the box to come up with original solutions to problems. It is the use of imagination or original ideas, inventiveness, innovation, originality, individuality, resourcefulness, and enterprise. We are a creative powerhouse as a company, and really shine when we allow ourselves the opportunity to express our differing opinions, build on them, and end up in a new place that transcends the ordinary.

Catherine French Design is a team of interior design consultants based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We have provided residential and commercial services in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and beyond.