Porch Heaven, CFD Style

Here at CFD we believe in spaces that can do it all- and that’s exactly what we created with this incredible porch, bi-level deck, and beautifully finished outdoor living space. Join us for an insider view of one of our favorite projects, inspired by client request and brought to life by the CFD team. Whether it’s entertaining, dining al fresco, or relaxing in front of the fire with a cozy blanket and a big ole’ glass of wine, this porch is the place. Let’s kick back and porch-it-up, CFD style.

How it all began…

What’s most unique about this porch and outdoor space project is not just the incredible features – including a screened in space with full living & dining area, a bi-level deck, double doors, and a stunning gas fireplace -(yes!). What we also love about this space is that it was a complete CFD creation. While all of our projects are true originals, here we also got to do one of our favorite things- taking it all the way from concept to completion in true full-service design. From measurements and permits to hand-placing each piece of beautiful decor, we created this space from the ground up. We’ll show you the total transformation in 2 parts for a closer view of how the magic happened.

Flexing that Design Muscle

When creating an outdoor space that’s as solid as it is stylish, the details matter- and we’re talking more than just the finishing touches. We began by really getting to know our client and gaining a deep understanding of how they wanted this space to look, feel, and function on every level. Ya’ll know we love a good challenge- and creating a timeless outdoor space that could be used for living, dining, relaxing and entertaining in ALL FOUR seasons? We couldn’t wait to jump in.

Behind The Scenes

Once the goals were clear, it was time to dig in to all the specifics and get to work on the technical side. Hand-creating renderings and ensuring that each piece and part of the new structure would be up to current building code was key to bringing this dream space to life. We frequently work side-by-side with many contractors and other local vendors, and were excited to bring in a full crew on this project.

Some “in progress” photos. So much detail and planning went into this design, but that peek at the dramatic before-and-after below makes it all worth it.

That Perfect Porch Flow

One critical piece of this design was flow. Since the total design involved so many different areas and uses, we navigated this portion carefully, with extra attention to function. This involved creating direct entry points to the living and dining areas, as well as a convenient access point to the bi-level deck. After all- a streamlined space is a must when carrying out that big tray of sirloins to the grill, right? We made it happen with these spectacular glass-paned double doors and adjacent outside door, which were the perfect harmony of beauty and intentional design. Plus, that divine transom window gives beautiful detail and even more light.

An Oasis for All Seasons? Yes, we did it!

We wanted this space to be a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. We specifically designed the space to maximize visibility of the surrounding landscape. From every angle, those lush green trees fill your vision. In fact, we lovingly nicknamed this room “The Tree House” because of the serene vibes and amazing get-away-from-it-all feeling of the space. Another incredible feature we can’t go without mentioning- the screens used throughout the porch are specialized to block 99% of outside pollen. If you’ve experienced springtime in North Carolina, you know this is a total game-changer for making this space enjoyable all year ’round.

There’s more to come!

Ya’ll, there is so much goodness in this project, we just couldn’t contain it in one post. There’s much more we want to show you- come back for part 2 where we’ll share all our favorite photos of the completed perfect porch heaven. We’ll also talk about all the finishes, furnishings, and fixin’s that made this porch a true retreat. We can’t wait to see you then!

CFD would like to recognize the contractors for this project, Architrave Construction. Professional images by Cat Wilborne.

Can’t wait for next week’s post? You can view all these images and MORE from this amazing project- Check it out NOW on the CFD Portfolio Page!

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