A Color Story – The Lakehouse Redesign – II

Year-round waterfront living is the stuff of dreams, y’all – especially when it comes to this custom Lakehouse Redesign project. Last week, we introduced you to this glorious space, and now we can’t wait to bring you in on even more of the color story, textures, and unique finishes that brought this home design to a glorious CFD finish.

Lake House Color Story Living Room - Catherine French Design

Creating the Color Story

There are so many different ways to create flow within a home, and for this project, color was the medium we used to make the magic happen. With a carefully created Color Story, the individual spaces come together throughout the entire house, leading your eye seamlessly from each space to the next. Transitioning from the deep, moody green of the exterior, we began curating the color flow starting right at this classic slate front porch.

The Moody Blues

Around here, the blues are a good thing. Blue was a focal component of this design, drawing on multiple depths and shades to touch every space. From the outside entry point above, through the entryway, multiple seating areas, the picturesque dining area, and bedroom. This was quite a space to tackle- but that’s what we love to do. Through skilled design, we allowed each space to be distinct while creating a continuous polished aesthetic throughout, giving it a flow and finish that just can’t be beat.

The colors of this den look amazing in this Lakehouse - Cat french design

Palette in Harmony

Most of you know, we love some color over here! Even a diverse color palette and rich tones can still be used to create a serene, relaxed, and beautifully blended space. For the Lakehouse, it was important to bring in many of the homeowners existing furnishings- from large pieces of furniture to special items of various colors and styles. The sectional below was fully reupholstered to a rich red, and balanced with accents of blue and the cozy soft green we see throughout the house. Wood, mixed metal, and glass create incredible visual interest, and perfectly highlight the mid-century architectural detail. One of the special touches in this room was displaying the homeowner’s pottery collection, and tying in those colors throughout the design. By making these tones work in harmony, the space takes on a gorgeous, unique artistry we love.

Wonderful pops of color in this mid-century living room - Cat French Design
Bright bowls and plates inspiring the color story of this home - Catherine French Design

Hues Made for Walkin’

We can’t say enough about the impact of beautiful floor coverings in this design. These rugs are more than just plush places to land your feet- they’re also a fundamental part of grounding each space and tying every piece in the room together. The Lakehouse is filled with gorgeous hardwood throughout, and each floor covering was carefully chosen to define the individual rooms, while also maintaining the transition and flow of the color story. We use the perfect rug to draw out the right tones and inspire the space- a jumping-off point to join together color, pattern, and texture.

Bringing it Back

Restoration can mean a lot of different things, but to CFD, there is an art to preserving and enhancing what’s already beautiful in a home. Whether it’s unique architecture, amazing views, or that one comfy armchair you just can’t part with, we know the value of maintaining those things that matter to homeowners. We were so proud of this redesign and the creative ways we were able to weave in and preserve everything special about this house, while still bringing in a wave of fresh color, energy, and life to each room.

Wonderful view of a lake from the den - Catherine French Design
Amazing interior design by Catherine French Design
Professional images via Cat Wilborne Photography

Want to know more?

CFD is known for custom spaces, both new and old. But redesigning this mid-century beauty also highlighted some special CFD skills. Cat’s background lends itself perfectly to bringing classic spaces back to their former glory and preserving those details that bring out timeless character, while revitalizing and polishing the space. The perfect balance of modern and traditional is one of the things we do best. We’ll be talking more about this next week on the blog as we get to know more about Cat – she’s the creative power-house behind each CFD project, and the master designer we all love to love. Check it out NEXT WEEK on the CFD blog! In the meantime, if you can’t get enough of this beautiful Lakehouse redesign, see more of the full images on the CFD Portfolio Page!

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