Follow us to Great Design! Initial Steps at CFD

We get a great many questions from folks about what all we do here at CFD. There are lots of things to talk about, and so many details involved in doing the custom design work we love. As a Full-Service Design Firm, our role is a little different than what you might see at other places (and we think that’s a good thing!). Our joy comes from creating a completely unique space for every single client. We’re going to share a little insight into our process and how we connect with clients to make each space that perfect one-of-a-kind fit.

You had us at hello

We have found over the years that most clients are looking for not just a designer, but an advocate and someone they can trust. Homes and workplaces are precious spaces, and it can be a big thing to invite someone in and make changes. Our relationship with clients is the most important part of what we do- and it begins long before we ever meet in person. From the second a message comes into our hello@catfrenchdesign inbox, we are starting the process of learning what a client needs and wants.

Doing our homework

After our initial contact, a more detailed, thorough client interview is what usually comes next. Or, sometimes clients just want a chance to ask questions before they dive in (we get it!).  We nicknamed this our “discovery call” and it’s a no-strings-attached way for both of us get to know each other a bit. The relationship between our team and the clients is a crucial part of the process, and we always want clients to feel like they’ve come to the exact right place. Moving forward means scheduling a time to come out to the space (or these days, view it via videoconference). Walking through each piece and part with the client, taking exact measurements and completing a full inventory of exactly what will make it their dream space.

Side by Side

At CFD, the design process is a two way street.  We work closely with each client throughout the entire project, from start to finish. Taking the time to listen carefully to what an owner is telling us- not just color and style, but everything from budget to timeline to exactly when and how they use each piece of furniture in a room. Listening closely to clients is one of the building blocks of how we customize each detail. Working closely with general contractors is also something we do on the daily, for everything from renovations to new builds. Planning an addition? We’re on it. Building a home from the ground up? We love that too – working as a team with other professionals is one of the ways we can make incredible spaces come to life.

CFD Custom Creations

When it comes to custom design, there is SO much to choose from- the options are endless, y’all! There’s no pre-fab production or templates here- each design is created in house by our team, and is fully unique to the client and the space. For us, creativity lives in this process of selecting just the right items, from flooring to lighting to fabric to finishes and everything in between, and then getting down to the nitty-gritty details to make each one just right. And, choosing pieces that will stand the test of time, from both a style and functional standpoint. It’s an ongoing conversation between the team and the client throughout the phases of making a space come together, and it’s one of our very favorite parts.

Inspired Design

As we share images of different projects, one of the things clients note is that there is a huge variety- no two projects look alike, and that’s our “normal”. We have clients all over the country who are as varied as the day is long- and one of the VERY best parts of our job is getting to know each of them, and figuring out together how we can make their space become all those things that feel just right- a place they can love and live in for a lifetime. Bringing their vision to life is the thing that makes us tick, and seeing clients enjoying that perfectly finished space makes it all so worth it.

You can always reach us at! Or, view our brief new client questionnaire here. Want to keep checking things out? See even more images from past CFD projects on our Portfolio Page!