Introducing CFD Live: Virtual Design in Real-Time

The CFD team is so excited to announce the launch of CFD Live: Design in Real-Time! This new line of services includes a full range of options- all completely virtual. Same amazing design service, with no in-person visits required. Read on below for all of the details!

CFD Virtual Design Services

The CFD Connection

There’s no doubt about it- things are a-changing right now. We are feeling it just as we know you all are too. Even though we’re not making in-person visits, we’re still hustling like we always do to keep projects moving forward for each client. Truthfully, virtual design is familiar territory for our team and has been a part of our work for some time. We have clients around the country who aren’t able to pop into the studio, and over the years we’ve become well-versed in communicating with them via whatever means necessary- be it phone, email, or online. Working face-to-face with our clients is one of our favorite things on the planet- but when circumstances prevent it, we connect in other ways- whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Lysol wipes handy and separated by glass (social distancing!). But we’re still elbow deep in that design process, and connecting with our clients day in, day out.

How We Can Help

During this time of working and being at home, chances are there may be a few things you might like to change- That place in the house that just needs attention or maybe even a pesky project that you’d love to get off your list. We have had so many people reach out to us and ask about how they can access design services right now. We know firsthand that creativity and collaboration can happen in so many different ways. The CFD team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring a new service to life, and we are so excited to begin offering CFD Live: Design in Real-time- Virtual Design options available to both existing and new clients.  

Virtual Design Styling Assistance - Catherine French Design

Design Direct to You

 Each session will include a videoconference call with one of our talented designers. All you need is your ideas, questions, and a tape measure!  It’s easily done using your tablet, computer, or phone- whatever is most convenient for you.  CFD Live will be the same robust, creative, and personalized service CFD is known for, but all done via video.

  • REAL-TIME design:  Each session will be a full working session with one of our talented designers via videoconference. One-to-one, focused design expertise delivered straight to you in real-time.
  • Solutions for YOUR space: Our talented designers will be able to assess and evaluate your space via video, and talk through your current challenge with you. Whether you’re looking for one specific item, professional vision and inspiration, or real-time problem solving to bring a room together- we’re here to help. Let’s brainstorm together to make it happen. 
  • Customized Experience:  We are going deeper than just a mood board and a shopping list. This is the same professional, personalized, fully custom design experience you have come to expect from the CFD team. As we do for each client whether in-person or online, we’ll be delivering our expertise based on your vision and goals. 
  • Design Tailored to You:  Want to do more? No problem. So many of our long-time clients have started with an initial session and then asked us to continue working with them through different spaces. We can schedule multiple virtual sessions or transition to a different design level at any time based on your needs. Whether now or somewhere later down the road, we are here for you. 
virtual design living room - Catherine French Design
Photography by: J Sinclair

Next Steps

All of this information is ready and waiting for you on the CFD Virtual Design Services Page. Look for our simple questionnaire to connect with us and get started.

For us, the excitement of helping clients create their dream space is something that never goes away. We love what we do, and even through the big changes, it’s a privilege to help people make their space unique and beautiful. We’re ready to dig in, get creative, and tackle the challenges together. Whether virtual design is your forever fit, or whether it’s a bridge to get us back to in-person service, we’ll meet you there. Can’t wait to see you on the web, friends!

For more of the latest happenings and goings-on of this busy lady, follow us on Instagram @catfrenchdesign. Want to see more CFD projects? Check out our Portfolio Page for more beautiful CFD creations.