Market and Moss! The Big Update – Part II

If you’ve been following for a bit, you know that we have been working on a completely novel and unique commercial design project for Market and Moss, a brand new restaurant located right here in Southern Village (if you’re catching up, read our first update here!). This Chapel Hill eatery, a new concept kitchen by local entrepreneur Annie Johnston, has been in the works and slated to open later this year. Even though there have certainly been some unexpected circumstances over the last few months, we have been able to safely continue progressing toward the complete renovation of the space, and it’s looking amazing, y’all! Read along below for a full update on how things are coming together in this beautiful space!

Creative Commercial Design

We’ve been talking a bit lately on the blog about our work in Commercial Design. Here at CFD, we have been very fortunate to also work with Annie on another incredible Chapel Hill eatery, the beloved coffee spot and cafe LaVitaDolce. Of the many things we love about her, Annie has phenomenal taste, creative style, and a business drive that truly inspires. Aligning with her vision and dream for this new restaurant, we have worked closely with her for months to create a truly inventive, unique space. It’s a concept that you won’t find anywhere else- the product of Annie’s business acumen combined with a whole lot of CFD design innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and that little dash of the unexpected that keeps things interesting.

Updated bar area with copper accents - Cat French Design

The Right Angles

At the time of our last update, all of the tile work was being completed (and oh my, does it look amazing!). One of the major tasks-to-be-tackled since then has been the completion of the interior painting. Seeing the full-color story coming together has been a sight to behold. The custom palette created for Market and Moss is distinctive, and meant to showcase every part of the restaurant with a look that is sophisticated and memorable. This space has a great deal of custom trim and woodwork on the walls throughout, and for us, that means there’s all the more room for creativity. Elevating the visual interest with color and contrast while playing up the angles and curves of the woodwork lets the color pop even more vibrantly, making the space feel full of life already.

New stamped tin ceiling tiles - Cat French Design

Trades in Spades

One of the things we enjoy about Commercial Design is that we get to work with so many different trades- everything from tile work to painting to flooring – extremely skilled folks that do amazing work. On this particular project, we’ve also collaborated with the amazing Thompson Millwork for a custom hostess stand. Rather than letting this be an afterthought, we curated the design to be an eye-catching feature that will be seen the moment patrons enter the door. When it comes to project management and installation, we’re as hands-on as they come. But we certainly can’t do it alone- it’s all about the teamwork, y’all. We’ve also been side-by-side with Alex Sayre, our General Contractor, and working together to find a way forward through all of the complex circumstances of the last few months has been a key part of the process.

Adding copper laminate to the bar - Cat French Design

Checking it Twice

Timeline is critical to every type of design project, but with the amount of moving pieces and parts in a large-scale commercial design like Market and Moss, organization and communication are everything. There is a LOT happening -just in the last few weeks, we’ve been mowing through that punch list and making sure everything is coming together just right. Lighting was installed throughout the custom ceiling, as well as lighting fixtures on the walls. The bar also got a whole lotta TLC, now decked out in a completely new look with a gorgeous finish. Custom mirrors and countertops are in place, and a ton of cleaning and prep work has been completed to set up for the next phase. Upcoming work includes installing chairs and tables, as well as custom booths. Then it’s on to the outdoor space! A beautiful patio redesign is on the docket to extend the footprint of the restaurant and offer even more space to enjoy an incredible meal.

Verifying sconce placement - Cat French Design

Local Design Love

Now more than ever, it’s the time to support the local economy in any way that we can. Making our home right here in the heart of Chapel Hill, we are so happy to have the opportunity to work on making this space a place to be enjoyed and a timeless Chapel Hill feature. We’re working hard to keep things moving smoothly and safely, and keeping our eyes forward to the fabulous grand opening. There’s so much happening and much more to share! For more real time updates, follow us on Instagram @catfrenchdesign and @marketandmoss!

Updating the restaurant outdoor space - Cat French Design

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