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Today on the CFD blog it’s ALL about that #style. And by that we mean the art of styling, or how we furnish and finish a space. Full-Service Interior Design is a term that umbrellas an expansive scope of work- our range extends from full-house elevation drawings all the way to pillow tassels, with not one thing missing in between. We enjoy each part of the work that we do, and each aspect is equally important when it comes to a phenomenal final product for our clients. Although we’d be the first to say that styling spaces is so much fun, it’s still a big ole’ chunk of work, y’all, especially when it comes to multiple rooms or a full-house design. Styling and finishing is hands-down one of the services that our clients love and request the most, and one of the biggest ways we create that perfect CFD polish. So as we’d say in the studio, let’s style it up!

Spaces Taking Shape

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to truly finishing a space. When it comes to custom, full-service design, we consider styling to be a fundamental part of completing any room. Clients come to us seeking a beautiful, cohesive, streamlined space. Even items that seem “small” are anything but- every piece matters when it comes to the overall look, feel, and livability of the space. With full-scale design, we create from the ground up. But often, the vision starts from the top down- seeing that space in it’s entire, fully-completed glory and outlining the process to make it happen. So much more than just throwing ’round some sit-ables, styling is a vital component to great design that truly brings the space to life.

Mantle Styling - Catherine French Design

That Sixth (design) Sense

Even with all of the large items in place (i.e. furniture, rugs, etc), it takes a surprising amount of “stuff” to really make a room feel complete. Styling is a world all it’s own, encompassing multiple skilled design operations. Everything from researching and sourcing each individual item, working one-on-one with clients for each and every selection, and carefully evaluating pieces for quality are all key steps that happen on the front-end. Once items physically arrive for a project, we’re looking closely at color, texture, and scale for each piece and how it will serve the vision for the space. In full-custom design, we’re thinking a lot less about just “matching” (although that’s important too!) and looking more toward creation of a completely unique, personalized space- tapping into our team’s experience, artistry, and design intuition in order to create the perfect inviting and polished room.

Office Style - Catherine French Design

The Personal Touch

Clients trust us to create a style that’s just for them, and that’s one of the things we hear the most when folks come our way. Part of our artistic philosophy here is that we don’t subscribe to only one certain aesthetic. Yes, this means more work for us since every design is generated and curated individually, but one of our values is listening closely to each client so that we can create spaces that are beautiful and meaningful for them. Over the years our design portfolio has stretched across so many incredible spaces- historic buildings, traditional family homes, new custom construction, modern city dwellings, and everything in between! And we love it ALL. Whether it’s using personal items, family heirlooms, special mementos, or family pictures- styling is one of the ways that we can tell our client’s story through great design.

Music Room Styling - Catherine French Design

Refresh & Reveal

Styling Design is most often a capstone to our Full-Service Design work, but it also exists as a service all it’s own. Clients frequently take advantage of this for a variety of reasons- when they are looking to refresh a space, breathe new life into a room that hasn’t been updated in a while, or if they’re looking to reinvent their style a bit. It’s not at all necessary to gut an entire room and start over- with a strategic design plan, a huge impact can be made by re-styling even when we are using many existing pieces. We recently had a wonderful client who came to us as she was preparing for a large event in her home and was looking to revitalize the main living area with some new colors and textures. We also have many clients who have rooms that are partially finished but they need some targeted design work to give it that complete, finished feel. A CFD Afternoon Design Session or a Virtual Design Session are also great ways to look at styling specific areas and reshape a space.

If you’d like to see more from our Styling collection, you can check it out now on our Portfolio Page! Whether it’s your favorite room, your entire home, or your business that needs some new design life, we’re here to help. Reach out to us anytime at You can also keep up with more of the happenings and goings-on of this busy team on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram @Catfrenchdesign.