Plush | A Neutral Bedroom Retreat

When it comes to great bedroom design, comfort and beauty go hand in hand- and that’s what we love the most about this neutral-inspired bedroom retreat. With plush texture and gorgeous tones tucked into every corner, this serene spot is crafted to be its own relaxing world. We’re taking you on an inside look at this gorgeous scene, from the tonal color-scape to the layers, light, and carefully chosen design nuances that bring it all together.

Bedding Cat French Design - Chapel Hill NC

Stay-cation for Two

If you’ve been following along for a bit, you saw a peek of this room in our last post, where we shared how this home was featured in Chapel Hill Magazine. If you’re just joining us now (welcome!), you can also check it out on the blog here. This New Traditional Living home design included much more than just this bedroom retreat, but this space came to such a gorgeous finish that we wanted to take some time to share all of the details with you. These wonderful homeowners are working professionals in the Chapel Hill area who were looking to merge a traditional style house with their more modern, sleek tastes. The result was a beautiful fusion of art, light, and tone-on-tone loveliness that serves as a very functional family space as well as a beautiful, timeless forever home.

Snapshot from the Chapel Hill Magazine feature- check out the full article here!

Capturing the Light

One of our favorite ways to get creative with design is to think outside the box about how a room can be more useful, purposeful, and intentional. This often looks like finding ways that a space can be enjoyed in multiple ways, ideally more than just one time a day. Bedrooms can sometimes be an afterthought especially for those that spend most days outside the home. But there’s so much appeal and potential when it comes to making this room more than a sleeping space. We wanted to give these busy folks an extra place for respite, relaxation, and connection. This plush chair duo was the perfect match for this space- a spot to sit, read, or catch up with each other on the day’s events. We love how the triple window drenches it with light, drawing your eye right to the pristine forested surround.

Bedroom Seating Area Cat French Design - Chapel Hill NC

Neutral Haven

When we talk about our love for color, we mean ALL color- not only the bold and bright but also the softer, more subtle tones that these homeowners loved for their space. Working with neutrals can absolutely be its own kind of artistry and design skill. In building a beautiful neutral palette for this space, we created a feel and ambiance that was true to these homeowner’s personal style and preference. Strategically selecting tones matters just as much with a soft color palette as a bright one, and bringing in some carefully selected variety within that neutral scheme draws you into the room, creating the feeling of relaxation that was key to making this room a true retreat.

Bedroom Pillows Cat French Design - Chapel Hill NC

Depth and Dimension

Y’all know we love to talk layers when it comes to building out a beautiful, full design that makes a room feel perfectly “complete”. This is especially true in a tone-on-tone design like this bedroom, where you are working within a neutral landscape but still want to create plenty of visual interest that draws your eye into the space. Bringing in deeper hues in the headboard and with the cool brown of the nightstands and highboy dresser add a touch of contrast and lots of richness. The gorgeous texture on the bronze-gold bedside lamps echoes the sleek aesthetic we see around the home. Blues are a color story that we see throughout every room, and subtly bringing it through with the throw pillows and in the artwork adds the perfect depth to this plush-feeling space. We also love the large rug that carries a modern pattern while beautifully joining together the neutral hues.

Bedroom Retreat Cat French Design - Chapel Hill NC

The master bedroom is a perfect opportunity to bring in great design- whether it’s an oasis-like respite from the daily chaos or a place where you like to enjoy a bit more design drama and flair- we love it all, and a design vision that intersects function, beauty, and style makes the beauty of a great bedroom even better. Creating a space that was perfect for these homeowners and their lifestyle was the inspiration that brought it together- and we love being part of making their home and bedroom retreat complete.

If you’d like to see more from this full home design, you can check out these images and SO much more on our Portfolio Page! Thinking about changing your space into a bedroom retreat? We’re here to help- you can reach us at, or via our website on the Contact Page. For more in-the-moment happenings and going-ons of this busy team, catch up with us on Instagram @catfrenchdesign or on our Facebook page.