Great Room | Beautiful Blue

We’ve loved taking you on a tour of this beautiful blue Modern Coastal home design. And today we’ll show you the final, incredible finish of this multi-room design- the Modern Coastal Great Room. Oh y’all, this one is just so glorious! Not only do these homeowners have great taste, but we really got to have so much design-fun with this space- bringing in extra plush seating, artfully layered patterns, large art, and all the unique coastal-inspired details we love.

Beautiful blue accented great room - Durham NC - Cat French Design

Coastal Charm

If you’ve been following along, you know these homeowners have an inland home here in Durham, but are originally from the New England coastal area and are life-long beach lovers. If you’re just catching up, you can also read about their beautiful Modern Coastal Kitchen and Keeping Room also here on the blog! This design was so much fun to create for this lovely couple. The coastal theme is a beloved traditional aesthetic, especially here along the East Coast. But for an inland home, we wanted to envision a new take with unique patterns and modern inspiration, reinventing this concept in a completely unique way, while still capturing plenty of that classic coastal magic.

The Light Hues

The undercurrent of this multi-room design is a beautiful blue and white color story. With strategic design, you can add so much depth and visual interest, especially by layering different saturations and intensities to create a full, dimensional color palette. The soft blue walls of this room were perfectly primed for contrast, and we couldn’t resist bringing in some big visual interest with a pop of moody, deep blue-green on the ceiling. You’ll recognize this color as the one that also graces the kitchen island! We love the way this adds surprise to the space and also draws your eye upward along the glorious large window (yes!) and highlights the cathedral-style ceiling height in this room. It also provides depth and complement with the lighter layered blues that accent the furnishings and rug below. The beautiful, plush neutral chaise and couch let the contrasting blues and layered patterns shine in this space, letting your eye appreciate all of those delightful light-soaked shapes and hues.

Navy Blue ceiling with lovely blue accented walls in a coastal inspired great room - Durham North Carolina - Catherine French Design

Great Room Texture

When you’re working within a streamlined color combination like this blue and white design, pattern and texture combinations can make a huge impact when it comes to creating a space that feels both custom and timeless. We could talk about pattern in this Great Room for DAYS, y’all- and we would start with these glorious chairs. The pattern is both classic and bold, and provides a playful and unexpected design moment in this room. The traditional frame paired with the contrasting blue and crisp white is just a beautiful match, and layering in that dot pattern pillow takes it over the top. We love this shot because it also highlights some of the accents in the room. This abstract art piece is steeped in texture, with subtle warm tones that perfectly echo the feel of sand and sun. Set against a gorgeous mixed metal mercury-glass inspired lamp, the visual is just the right balance of sleek, modern, and grounded- bringing in warm earthen elements to complement and contrast to the bright crisp blues.

On The Horizon

Keeping this design modern and unique was intentional not just in the big furnishings, but also in every detail and nuance. The ceiling-height stone fireplace is another focal point of this room (if you can tear your gaze away from the window, that is!). We love this large art piece and chose it specifically not just because of the maritime concept but also because it boasts those delicious layered blues, perfectly mirroring the color elements throughout the room. It pops beautifully against the natural and subtle tones of the stone. Bringing in natural hues and textures in the accent decor like rich wood, shell, and rattan are such a delight to see, but also serve a dual purpose of grounding the space. The softer accents provide a landing space for your eye and continue to let the bright blues, patterns, and textures of the room stand out, just as they should.

Beautiful Blue accented art to pop in this coastal great room - Durham - Cat French Design

In this light-filled, airy Coastal Great Room, we could truly create a feel of the outdoors- the sun, surf, and sand feeling extra close in this space where you can really imagine yourself beside the water. We were thrilled to create a custom beach-inspired home that this beautiful couple could enjoy for a lifetime. We were so excited to see this gorgeous finish, and hope you love it as much as we have loved sharing it with you.

We can’t get enough of this beautiful blue coastal design, and we’ve been sharing more rooms from this beautiful home here on the blog for a few weeks! If you’d like to check out some of our other projects, head over to our Portfolio Page to see some recent and classic CFD designs. Thinking about a design project for your own home? We’re here to help- reach out to us at or on our website via the Contact Page. For more in-the-moment happenings of this busy team, catch up with us on Instagram @catfrenchesign or follow us over on Facebook!