The New Traditional Family Room

When we set out to design this home, we knew it would be gorgeous- these lovely homeowners have such fantastic taste, and share our love of making things beautiful on a big scale. But this functional, stunning New Traditional Family Room design blew us all away when the day of the big reveal finally arrived. Rich with pattern, luxurious neutral fabrics, and beautiful pops of color, this one is an incredible mix of modern style seamlessly blended with a traditional architectural home. 

Functional for Family

One of the major goals for this space was to make it functional for a busy family of four. This space needed all the right creature comforts to greet a working couple at the end of the day, in addition to embodying the full functionality and durability that’s  required when little ones are about. This always requires out-of-the-box strategic thinking from a design standpoint, but that’s one of the things we love most about working with families- creating a space for them that is equal parts beautiful and liveable. There’s a sweet spot where gorgeous and functional meet, and that’s where we like to dig in and flex that creative muscle. 

A Natural Pair

These homeowners have a love of neutrals and soft, sleek tones. We were so excited to create this room with a base of plush, neutral hues that felt incredibly relaxing and inviting. This busy working couple looks to their home to provide a retreat- a place for family time but also a retreat to recharge. Creating a base of layered neutral hues was perfect to craft just the right feel for their lifestyle. But, we also wanted to reflect their incredible energy into the design as well, and wove a touch of bright and bold into the design of this room.  Carrying through the undercurrent of deep blue, we also layered in pops of rich yellow tones and complemented it with those gorgeous mixed metallics to add hints of spice and spark. 

Playing Angles

But when it comes to great design, color isn’t the only item on the agenda. Creating a space that truly feels complete in every sense means tapping into all the elements. One of our favorite ways to do this is to get creative with shapes- the foundation of pattern. In this room, the pattern-play is equal parts subtle and intriguing, which helps us keep that desired feel of relaxed + unique throughout the space. The rug pattern of concentric angles serves as the base, and we had so much fun drawing out and echoing those shapes in unexpected ways. This view of the rug, chair, and table shows such a perfect moment of how the lines and angles play together, and perfectly layer in against the rich tone and beautiful curves of the chair. This visual moment gives us the best combination of design delight- that mix of relaxing, unique, and interesting all at the same time.  

The Art of Home

Throughout this home design, we got to do a little extra of something we love, which is to get creative with some beautiful art. A gorgeous, large piece can expand a space and bring it to life in such a unique way, threading together and elevating design elements and details. The piece chosen for this room does so with perfect form. Embodying all of the interest and edge we love in an abstract piece, it also carries a soft depth that makes you want to sit and look at it FOREVER (seriously, we could). Those hints of gold put it over the top, serving up a bit more of the sleek element that carries throughout the home.  Layering texture on texture, the elegant addition of the perfect design-forward lamp and textured pillows adds even more visual depth to this gorgeous scene. 

An Inside Look

We were thrilled to be approached by Chapel Hill Magazine about a feature on this family’s story, and the design journey to create their dream home. Chapel Hill Mag put together a beautiful piece, and it’s so worth a read to get to know this incredible couple. You can view the full feature (and more gorgeous photos!) online here.

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