Outdoor Spaces | Hot Tub Home Addition

Living the outdoor dream means something different to everyone, but this custom outdoor space and hot tub(!) is a custom home addition that would have anyone ready to permanently relocate to their own outdoor oasis. Created specifically for a busy family home, this design was much more than a hot tub landing pad- it was a seamless and beautiful extension of the home itself. 


The Outdoor Spaces Shift

It’s no secret that outdoor living has taken on a new meaning these days. Whether it’s open-air outdoor family gatherings or simply spending a lot more time at home these days, expanding the outdoor footprint of our living spaces has never been at the forefront more than it is now. And it’s not only about looks- the function, comfort, access, and live-ability of these spaces are also a huge part of the design equation.  Rather than just a spring and summer option, the demand for outdoor spaces that can be used daily and enjoyed all year round. Outdoor dining, relaxing, recreation, and space to just comfortably spend time – we love the challenge of creating spaces that do it all. 

Gabled Porch Construction Addition

Built to Belong

This home is a beautiful New Colonial Style, classic and sought-after in our area for its distinctive features. One of the major goals of this design was to create an addition in which the structure appeared as a natural part of the home. We wanted to strategically design a space that not only provided exactly what this family needed and wanted from a functional standpoint but also appeared original to the home itself.  To make this a reality, we honed in on creating a roof pitch and exposed open gable truss beam-style that was consistent with the adjacent outdoor space, as well as perfectly in sync with the rest of the outdoor aesthetic. We needed to accommodate a bathroom and a small storage space for easy access to all the requisite pool-fun and maintenance items. 

Gabled Porch Construction

Strategic Flow

From entertaining at the pool to family ping-pong tournaments to watching the Carolina game on the outdoor TV, this is a space that sees a lot of life.  One item that was high on the priority list for these homeowners was adding a bathroom and shower that were easily accessible from the outside. This key design point served multiple objectives- with daily use and frequent entertaining, a dedicated shower area not only made sense for the family and guests, but would also keep the indoor spaces from getting waterlogged on trips to and from the pool. During the design generation process, the creation of convenient entry points to the bathroom, garage, and storage room served to maximize functionality for the entire outdoor area.

Gabled Porch Construction Close Up

Design Ties 

Bringing an outdoor space and an indoor space together with purpose can expand the entire footprint of the home and opens the space. Tying the spaces together using a color story helped us to bind the new addition with the existing outdoor areas and the interior of the home, completing that vision of a seamless flow of space. The pop of blue on the exterior doors and carried through to the blues that weave throughout the interior of the house. The bathroom custom tile design echoes the color-rich pattern threaded through the interior rooms. And look out for more on this soon- we’ll be talking more about all the details of this gorgeous bathroom in an upcoming post. 

Bathroom with outdoor access for pool

Professional Images by Cat Wilborne Photography.
Construction for this project completed by Touch Construction LLC.


We loved bringing intention and artistry to this home addition, and digging into some creative design problem-solving to bring this wonderful family a space they can enjoy in every way. If you’d like to see more images from this home design, you can view the full gallery on our Portfolio Page


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