Colorful Bathroom | Home Addition

We’re excited to be sharing an inside look at one of our favorite parts of this home design- this colorful bathroom addition.  We completed a multi-room custom design for this beautiful Chapel Hill family (if you’re catching up, check out the first post here!).  One of our favorite parts of this design was creating an addition that included a landing pad and covered space for their hot tub. But we didn’t stop there- we also created an additional bathroom, accessible from both the outdoor space and the house.  This room is full of color, warmth, and charm, and we can’t wait to show you all the details.

From The Top

But first, we’ll back up just a tad, and give you a quick overview of the concept of the space.  This family loves (LOVES!) to enjoy their outdoor space.  It’s been a gathering spot for eating, watching the Tarheels on TV, and the center of the family ping-pong rivalry.  They also enjoy swimming in their backyard pool. When we started talking about their vision for their home, an additional bathroom that would be easily accessible from the outdoor area and pool was high on the list. When the dream of a hot tub also started to surface- well, we could not WAIT to get creative and make this space something beautiful, functional, and unique.

Family (Design) Dynamics

One reason we love to integrate a construction component into our design work is that it gives our team an opportunity to dig into some creative problem-solving. For this home addition, transition was the key.  Specifically, we asked the question: how could we make the transition from indoor to outdoor living easy, comfortable, and functional- while keeping it beautiful and unique, as well as perfectly in harmony with the full home design? It sounds like a lot of moving pieces (and it is!), but that’s the challenge we love. Family life is dynamic, layered, and multi-faceted- and a home should be as well. Design that stands the test of time reflects all of these elements seamlessly.

The Color Effect

So let’s talk COLOR, y’all. Even though it’s a small space, the palette doesn’t have to be minimized. This home is full of rich blues and greens and pops of bright corals, and we echoed that color story in this bathroom space. In strategic design, color can do so much- including curating the feel of an entire room. A soft-toned wall color and this gorgeous wrap-around wall tile wainscoting create a feeling of clean, inviting warmth. It’s the perfect setting when you’re coming in freezing from the pool. And we love the color play in this space as well- that bold blue door grabs your attention from the start- also providing contrast to the warm walls and drawing in the tones of the gorgeous floor tile.

beautifully tiled bathroom

Tiled to Perfection

And speaking of the floors, we have to pause for a moment on this custom tile.  The full multi-room design for this home is a modern-traditional eclectic, full of rich tones and custom patterns that we layered to create tons of design depth.  We loved designing this bathroom from the ground up, and being able to bring in those same elements to the space. We love the layering of the centric, colorful floral tile against the deep matte hex tile, and the smooth reflective wall tile that complements and completes the pattern and texture harmony throughout this room. 

If you’re enjoying going behind-the-scenes with us, you can also head over to our Portfolio Page to see more! This gorgeous home design with a custom addition has so much to talk about, and we’re so glad to be able to share it with you. You can also read more about Custom Design at CFD on the blog here. Have a design dream of your own? We’re here to help. Reach out to us anytime at, or via our website Contact Page. For more in the moment happenings and goings-on of our studio team, check out our Facebook page or catch up with us on Instagram, @catfrenchdesign.