Community by Design | WCHL Calendar and Hope Renovations

We are so excited to share some news with you. Our studio has partnered with our local radio station, WCHL, to highlight an incredible local non-profit in our area, Hope Renovations. We wanted to share a little bit of backstory about why we wanted to promote the service that Hope Renovations provides to our community, and how their work intersects with Design. We’ll also share where you can pick up a free WCHL calendar and help support Hope Renovations’ work.  

Community Roots

Although we design spaces in all parts of the country, our home (and many of our long-term clients) are rooted right here in Chapel Hill. We have been actively seeking out local craftsmen and artisans and highlighting their creations in our design work for as long as we’ve been in business, and that is one of our favorite parts of the job. One of our other big ongoing goals is to continuously find ways to engage with and support our local community, in and around the Chapel Hill area. Hope Renovations is a unique organization that brings these things together beautifully. 

Designed with a Mission

Nora Spencer is the Founder and CEO of Hope Renovations, a local non-profit whose mission is to provide education and training to women who want to enter into construction careers.  As a woman-owned Full-Service Interior Design Business that works with contractors and builders daily, supporting women in construction is close to our heart.  Hope Renovations provides women with high-quality training, skill certifications, job placement, and assistance with living expenses so that training completion can become a reality for the women supported by their program.  

Bridging the Gap

And that’s not all-  Nora also identified a true need in the community- that of creating safe and functional living spaces for older adults. Especially in the current time when labor is especially scarce for smaller construction jobs, working to fill this void allows so many in our community to live in their own home longer, maintaining independence as much as possible. You can see a little bit more of Nora’s story below. 

When we had the opportunity to sponsor Hope Renovations for the 2022 WCHL community calendar, we were thrilled.  If you’d like to enjoy a calendar, you can- they’re FREE!  You can pick them up over at WCHL, or, visit our studio and grab one from us.  And if you haven’t already, go over and check out Hope Renovations– it’s an incredible organization that brings so much value to our community, and we’re grateful for the privilege to share about their work today.