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Catherine French Design - Guest Room Blog Article
With the holiday season coming right ‘round the mountain when it comes, (did 2018 not just fly by, y’all?!), I’m sure you’re gearing up for cozy snuggles, cold weather, and charming family get-togethers that always get ruined by your one crazy uncle. From Thanksgiving gatherings to Dirty Santa Christmas parties, your loved ones will need...
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Y’all, I have just been to the most elegantly styled, fabulously adorable showroom in ALL of High Point! What is this Valhalla you ask? It’s Red Egg, and it’s not actually a showROOM, it’s a showHOUSE. Red Egg was founded in 1997 by “Chief Hen” Carol Gregg, who is the most lovely and delightful person in High...
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