Catherine French Design - Color Me Fall Yall
I know, I know. It’s hot, muggy, and I’m watching torrential rain outside my window from a hurricane, but I have ALL THE EXCITEMENT for cooler weather, sweaters, boots & hot drinks. Let’s just stop and dream about how one day soon (I hope!) it’s going to finally feel like fall, y’all. Can you see...
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Autumn is the Prettiest Color
Well, here we are again. Look up and before you know it, the humidity has left. The days of feeling like you could almost swim through the Summer air are a distant memory. Things are starting to get all bristly. Each season brings with it an opportunity for inspiration, and there’s really nothing more beautiful...
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Autumn will be gone before we know it! As we move further into the season and marvel at the quickly changing palette, we are crushing on a particular hue.  This year, a hint of cranberry really made an impact on interiors and fashion. It’s a soft and soothing color that works well in accents, fabrics,...
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