Catherine French Design - Modern Refresh Project
Here at Catherine French Design, we love a good challenge. We were approached last year by a great couple here in Chapel Hill with two small kids.  Who were moving into a new home in Southern Village. With them came a large, contemporary brown leather sectional that they wanted to incorporate into a design for...
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Girl, have you been to New Bern? Probably not and you have a hole in your soul because of it. This town is the the Stars Hollow of North Carolina, and if you don’t get that reference stop reading this immediately, go to Netflix, and binge watch all 7 seasons plus the 4 part reboot of Gilmore...
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Spring Color Inspo Boards
After a bit of start and go, it seems like Spring has finally sprung here in North Carolina. I was taking a walk the other day and couldn’t get over how stunning the flowers are at this time of year. It was a little too much beauty, honestly. I had to go back inside… As...
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