Andy Warhol Art in Dining Room - Cat French Design
Over many years of looking at spaces both new and old, we've seen our fair share of tall walls, long halls, and blank surfaces. Large empty space can feel pretty lonely (especially these days), and even if it's just one or two walls, it usually isn't something anyone wants to stare at for an extended...
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When it’s time to paint the interior of your home or business, there’s more than meets the eye as far as choosing colors. We’ve probably all been in the same situation a time or two- you go into the paint store with a firm idea of what you’d like….but as your eyes scan the millions...
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7 Updated Artistically Accented Walls
Do you ever feel like your space has become stale? It’s hard to put your finger on it, but for some reason the furnishings and decor that you were enamored with at first are now less interesting to your eye? Now, there have been a lot of neutrals happening in interiors lately – and this is...
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