Use Navy blue as a great alternative to black
You know what time it is…┬áTREND ALERT TIME.┬áColor is probably one of the most impactful ways of affecting the overall feeling of an interior space. Whether you’re going for a sense of airiness, edge, energy, or calm, the hues you use can get you there. We’ve noticed a trend this year towards, you guessed it,...
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Ideas for Colored Front Door -- Catherine French Design - Chapel Hill
Does your house lack a certain something from the street? Let us suggest a quick fix – a bold colored front door. There’s just something about a bold, fun, energizing colored front door that makes us all giddy inside! It has personality, and much like the people that live inside, displays a flair for creativity...
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9 Ways to Achieve a Preppy Interior Design - Catherine French Design
Go shopping this time of year and what will you find? Lots of stripes, anchor patterns, and sail boats. It’s almost like everyone is expected to jump on the nearest boat and become a sailor just because it’s gotten hot outside. I’M JUST REALLY OVER IT GUYS. However, I have to admit: the preppy style...
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Kitchen Combos Interior Design
You’ve heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s true. Think about it –  this is where some of the most important daily activities at home happen. We make our coffee here, rushing around in the morning, trying to not be late. If we’re really responsible – which I’m usually not...
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